The Pub

A Pub, The Pub on island, Yippeeeee!

Pubs are great places to pop into after work. They are good for meeting up with friends, or meeting new folk who may well become friends. They are great places for having a good old chin-wag and of course a drink or six! Pubs, where one can hang out, are often in the neighbourhood and pubs sometimes become a home away from home. Some pubs have TV screens which are great for watching the latest sport games. Pubs are found down the street, or around the corner or in the village. Do we have a pub on island?

Yes, we do – The Pub has just opened and it is right nearby, in the Simpson Bay area. Perfect spot to stop and have a drink. It is, in fact, located next to Panini’s, right where Byblos used to be.

Owner’s Tanja and Michael have filled a void with the opening of The Pub. They have made a few, well thought-out, changes to the small restaurant.

The ceiling panels give the feeling of being in a pub – well, yes, actually you are in a very nice pub.

The lovely u-shaped pub counter is still there but two walls have been opened up to the outside to create pub counters on both the inside and outside. Groups of friends can hang out on both sides of these openings. Makes the place much roomier and also allows the breeze to circulate, cooling the bar area very well.

I got there earlier, so I could take some pictures, glad I did as the crowds started rolling in and I could not have taken any pics for one to see the changes with all those bodies hanging there.

It was fabulous to meet friends and enjoy lots of laughter.

Drinks and Pub food

The Pub will served a bigger variety of frozen drinks and mixed drinks by next week. There will be pub food available to snack on but one can order from next door Panini’s too; they have some tasty plates.

Served up on this evening were some delicious mixed platters of cold meats, pickled peppers and cheeses with a spread of olive tapenade.

The Aperol Spritz was possibly the best one I’ve enjoyed in awhile.

The plans for the very near future are to have some game tables – you know Backgammon, Chess and of course a dart board!

Perhaps one of the best things about this great place is: it will be plastic free – from the great new water bottles that are compostable to the straws which are very nice to drink from and do not get soggy.

There is plenty of parking right nearby.

For sure, the place to meet up, chatter, laugh, pass the time away, enjoy great drinks and pub food will be at ……….The Pub! See you there.

2 Replies on “The Pub

  1. Have been before and cannot wait to go back this Augusta. We know Tanja and Michael and it is the best spot ever for fun and food and drinks. Cannot wait!!!

  2. We love this place and look forward to seeing Tanya , Michael and friends in August!