Day charter fun

The way to start any boat trip – the best rum punch is made on Boomerang!

The day charter trip started from Dock Maarten at 9.15/9.30. Guests are being welcomed aboard. First up – they could choose from a drinks menu almost before they settled in!

The lovely crew met all our needs throughout the trip

The captain gave his speech with great humour and we were – OFF!

The colours of the sea and rocky outcrop in Great Bay were out of this world!

First stop – Creole Rock

Boomerang is a fast boat; in next-to-no time we were at our first stop, Creole Rock, for some snorkling; there were lots of fish and turtles to be seen.

The pelicans regally sat on the rocky outcrops watching us closely.

The clarity of the water was astounding.

The captain handed out snorkling gear to the guests on board.

There are various ways to enter the water. Easy access through the front deck, down an easily climbed ladder. There are other ways of getting into the cool briney too!

While some just jump, others do back-flips…….

Captain Stefan and his crew!

Some guests getting their “swansong-on”…what a fabulous group of fun-loving guests onboard.

Lunch Ashore at the Lolos in Grand Case

Anyone hungry yet? A shorty dinghy ride to the beach for lunch at the Lolos. You can swim instead of taking the dinghy if you prefer.

Ribs, Chicken legs, rice ‘n peas, slaw, potato salad, green salad, conch stew, shrimp stew and a plate of accras (salt fish balls)

Having lunch watching other visitors checking out pretty Grand Case

Photo opportunities

It was time to take the opportunity to do a wee photo shoot under the old pier. This is just such a wonderful place to take photos anytime of the day.

Life in the Caribbean – fisherman cleaning his catch of conch – fresh conch for the lolo restaurants.

Back on board Boomerang, we headed off to Tintemarra for more snorkling and lots more open-bar drinks.

Second stop – Tintamarre

Perfect weather, perfect swimming in a perfect anchorge – thumb our noses at hurricanes!!!!!

Watching two turtles feeding on the eelgrass below….

Anyone up to doing a bit of SUP?

Heading home.

Heading back to the dock at the end of the day is inevitable!

There is ALWAYS a great group of guests aboard Boomerang – hope to see you out there too – in the not too distant future!

Come and visit the island soon!