Be Kool

#Foodporn of SXM Fun in Marina Royale

Righty-oh! At “Be Kool” we enjoyed a wonderful evening of friendship and really amazing food and service. I so enjoyed the evening, I forgot to take pictures of all the plates we had. I will need to post pics that others (who were there) took.

We parked on the cemetery side of Marina Royale as suggested because of the safety aspect of Marigot in the evening. In fact no-one had a problem. The entire area is not pristine by any means. Piles of uncleared rubble still litter the sidewalks. One can see progress is being made rebuilding the area, although this progress is taking a long time. Things are taking awhile to come back along the boardwalk of the marina too. However this makes the few restaurants that have opened stand out. They are all fantastic. The food, the kind and thoughtful service, and the general welcome at these establishments is warming. The renovations to each restaurant is inspiring.

Be Kool is hands down our fav restaurant on the hill side of the marina at the moment. (For those who remember, this restaurant is where Chanteclair used to be.) Run by Mum, Dad (late of Tropicana, the very popular restaurant on the otherside of the marina) and their two chef sons, you will not be disappointed at all.

We arrived early to watch the sky turn those amazing shade of pinks and greys while having a cheery glass in hand. We gathered around the menu boards to work out which of the delights we would order that evening. We were asked to put in our orders early as our group was big – we took over the entire restaurant that evening.


Oh the dilemma, what to choose? Appertisers on almost every menu often appeal to me more than the mains. At Be Kool I felt the same way, the descriptions were so delicious sounding. I settled for the Foie Gras as a starter. (Oh I know, boring but I do love foie gras) and the Egg Mollet which sounded interesting. My dining companions ordered the salad of the day, this salad included duck breast. Three of us ordered the foie gras appertisers. A couple ordered the Lamb with Duck Nem and others had the Veal.

The Salad of the Day was excellent; if it is on the menu when you go, do try it. The menu changes frequently however, as the chefs use the freshest ingredients possible. You may find another superb offering instead – (this goes for every dish)

The foie gras was amazing. The sweet, grapefruit sauce was a perfect foil to the meat. The foie sat perkily on a wholewheat bread base and this in turn was atop a pile of arugula leaves. This foie gras dish was sublime – sweet, citrusy, melt-in-the-mouth, eat-me sort of dish.

The egg mollet was perfect – and I have no picture!!!! Egg mollet, a softly boiled and peeled egg. In this instance it nestled in a duxelle of mushrooms that had an illusive bite to it (perfect for those who enjoy a bit of pepper.) Add to that some lovely cold meat “coppa,” and a parmesan cream sauce. Light, tasty and just right with the most enjoyable wines we imbibed; a white and a pink between 3 of us – thank you Neil Whitley!

The Lamb and Duck Nem was remarkable. The veal dish tender and delicious. The escargo was buttery and garlicky. Everyone had something good to say about the evening. I did not take too many foodie pictures unfortunately. There will be many more chances to photograph all the wonderful dishes when we return.

The desserts all looked well-worth devouring. We did not have any at our table. We had filled up with the lightest of light Accras, (codfish balls) that were served on the house and the excellent in-house made warm, seeded dinner rolls. Truly a remarkable dinner with wonderful friends, old and new.


Here are a few pics of the fun attendees.