Sale & Pepe

Joyous lunch at our fav Sicilian Restaurant

Sicily lies in just 3rd place (after the Maldives and the Greek Islands) in a contest for the most beautiful island in the world! Sicily has numerous UNESCO sites, millions of tourists yearly, is clean and beautiful and has not only wonderful people living there but has some of the very best food of the Mediterranean. What a joy that the food has found its way to a wee restaurant in Simpson Bay at Sale n Pepe!

Chef Davide serving a salt-baked whole fish – Sicilian style.

Going for lunch seems to be our first choice whenever we want comfort food, or to celebrate. The food that is served at Sale n Pepe is either chosen off the menu or from the daily specials and can be made to order as far as is possible for the kitchen. Perfect for those with children and those who have allergies. Coupled with the fact that the staff are great, the chef is the best Sicilian chef on island.

This time around I decided to have something other than my favourite octopus. I dithered over a pasta choice, I dithered over a chicken dish, I dithered over a salad. One of our party ordered the Sale n Pepe Salad she loves, incidentally she has it every time we go there (the apple really does not fall far from the tree!)

I ended up choosing the calamari dish where the fish is immersed in a rich tomato sauce. I can’t quite put my finger on the flavour that hovers – is it the red wine, is it fennel? Nope, but what I do know is this should be eaten at least every other time I go there. Yum!

The others of our group ordered the lasagna – it never fails to please.

We followed up with two desserts. Chocolate mousse is an old favourite loved by us all because of its rich and smoothness. This occasion we also had the tiramisu. This dessert is extremely light and full of a gentle flavour, not an aggressive Italian dessert at all.






Sale & Pepe plan to stay open from now through peak season. You will find them in Simpson Bay where they have been for quite some time now.

They are busy during peak hours so I suggest you make a reservation if you would like to dine there – lunch and dinner.

Sale & Pepe (here)
Reservations: +1 721-527-0799