Playing with the SEABOB makes for an exquisite day.

Here is a wee pictorial of a fun day’s outing in the crystal blue waters around St. Maarten. A day spent swimming, snorkeling and trying out the SEABOBS.

This highly technical machine is basically an underwater scooter. The SEABOB is an ultimate high-performance watercraft. It weighs about 35KG, so has extremely good handling properties in the water; it zips along with a strong propulsive force. The E-Jet Power System is controlled by several power levels. These gears of the SEABOB allow one to glide along at a relaxed pace in a low gear or, for more ambitious high-speed driving, switch up to the top gear.

We went with The Scuba Shop to play with the toys. Children and adults can ride on these although, obviously, it is not for the young one’s to use on their own.

On the way to one of the most beautiful bays on St. Martin, called Plum Bay, some Mimosas were enjoyed, along with delicious pastries from Le Sucrier in Simpson Bay.

Anchoring in the shallows of Plum Bay, where the colour of the water is out of this world, the SEABOBS came out almost as soon as the hook went down.

Sun protection

After putting on reef-friendly SunBum sunscreen it was time to get the SEABOBS into the water. Although honestly the UPF rashguard is the reef-friendliest “sunscreen” of all!

This is the perfect opportunity to use the Go-Pro! The Go-Pro Hero 7 Black is put into position on a SEABOB; it has built in stabilization properties and takes incredibly smooth footage as you zoom along.

Everyone had a go. One young lad insisted on riding with every adult realized that the gears could easily be changed. He wanted to push the button to make it go faster all the time. Fortunately all controls are right at one’s fingertips so it is easy to cover them up!

The SEABOBS can easily take two, a younger and an older person. This fun and challenging water play made for some of the younger ones to declare they had enjoyed the “best day ever” out on the water.

Learning the ropes

SEABOBS can be used to go a distance, both on the surface and under water. Around the corner from Plum Bay is a lovely spot where one can scoot through a pretty rock arch – here two of the riders are heading around the point.

There is a trick to getting the SEABOB under the water. One needs to sink the nose first by having it on one of the fast gear levels and as soon as it starts to go under, ease up on the gears, so one can putter along at a depth and enjoy before coming up for air!

And the thrill of actually succeeding at diving, makes one raise one’s arms in the air for sheer joy!

From then on it was play, play and play!

Water Play

A short lunch break for swimming and a wonderful BBQ on the boat with delicious salads.


And back for more SEABOB playing and diving. The spectators really enjoyed seeing the divers moving along the seabed under the water.

Exciting, thrilling – sheer happiness!

Time for a break on the floaters before packing up and heading back. What a gorgeous place to be.

You can duplicate our day by renting a private power boat with SEABOBS from Seven Marine ( and Xisle Yacht Charters (

Don’t want to charter a boat? No problem, SEABOBS are available to rent by the 1/2 hour at Roxxy Beach Watersports (