A day on Spellbound

Azure waters, great company, good sailing!

Spellbound is a day-sail catamaran (Robertson and Caine, South Africa – Leopard 45 design.) The design of the boat previously won Cruising World’s charter catamaran design of the year award.  There are two of these yachts in the day charter fleet in SXM.

What a wonderful surprising day we had. I was asked by some friends to join them on a day’s sail to Anguilla. This lovely offer came at a time I really needed a day on the water and, as expected, it gave me the joy and the lift I needed.

We met at the St. Maarten Yacht Club to sign in, yes we needed our passports as Anguilla is an ex-British island.

Then off on our adventure we went. Down to the dinghy dock to slip into the dinghy and a short ride out through the bridge to the yacht anchored in Simpson Bay.

The second load of guests arrived on the dinghy and it was off and away for us.

Having settled into our “spots” on the boat, our bags stowed in the salon, we headed out to sea.

Sailing down the coast, westwards, we checked out the views of well-known landmarks on St. Maarten. We had not seen the beach and caves along Cupecoy since Hurricane Irma passed by.

A fairly quick sail across the Anguillian channel and were were anchored at our first stop in Rondevous Bay. The sea here is exquisite and everyone was soon in the water swimming before lunch.



Lunch was delicious. The amazing captain (not just a handsome face) cooked excellent ribs in the oven and grilled chicken on the BBQ, there was also Pasta Salad and a Caesar Salad served by the first mate. Drinks and more drinks. What more could we ask for?

After lunch and a little more swimming we headed up the coast to another anchorage. Here it was a little windy so a quick swim was on the cards – also a walk on the beach for some of the guests. As we were back on board sooner than expected we sailed back to the bay off La Samana on St. Martin.

The captain is really great about letting guests take the wheel, if they want to try their hand at steering a yacht. This is one of the special things about Spellbound. None of the “I am the captain and no-one else can touch my helm” sort of thing. This makes the guest’s day and they will return again and again. Of course the crew stand close-by at all times.

La Samana is one of the great bays in which to anchor on SXM. The swimming is fabulous – here more drinks and cheese and baguette were offered around – sailing makes one quite hungry.

Probably the highlight of this particular sail was this seagull who flew right up close looking for a snack as we sailed along the coast. The bird even came so close as to take the morsel from the guests fingers.

Boat sailing, bird flying – what an experience!

Sadly the day had to end and it was farewell to newly made friends and excellent crew aboard Spellbound.

A joyous day for sure.