The Green House & Koop Avond

Koop Avond / The Greenhouse!

To encourage locals and visitors back to Philipsburg the Koop Avond evening activity kicked off in Philipsburg on June 21.  The plan is for it to continue until July 26. During this six-week period the event takes place every Thursday evening.

Food, live entertainment, shopping and local craft stalls are on display from 5.00pm to 10.00pm in and around the square in front of the Court House.

(Koop Avond is Dutch and literally translated means “Buying Night.” In Holland on some evenings the stores are kept open for longer hours so folk who can not get to shop during working hours can have a chance. The idea here in Philipsburg was also to have stores open oup and down Front Street later into the evening – this may happen in the future but for now there are only a few stores that are doing so. Mostly it is the vendors of cottage industries who are setting up stalls. This is a wonderful opportunity for all concerned during the return to “normality” after Irma.)

A couple friends and I met at The Greenhouse on a recent Thursday evening. Wanting to support the Koop Avond event and those who come out and set up a stand to sell their homemade wares we made an evening of it.  But first “Happy Hour” – we enjoyed somethings to nibble on and 2 for 1 drinks – Rosé of course.






Some of the best Johnny cakes are to be had at The Green House and the Bang-Bang Chicken is crunchy and zesty.






The calamari and Nachos are very good too!

Koop Avond

Merrily we wended our way along the Boardwalk to check out the Koop Avond scene.







Various artists took turns in keeping the atmosphere alive with their singing and music.
King Verse was one of the artisits doing his thing!

Police presence was noticeble as was the Red Cross






There were a variety of homemade goods – from scents and soaps to hand-sewn and knitted items.










Of course quite a few stands were devoted to food – you will find deliciousness at Sweetness!

And old-style ice cream churned in front of you – this is what makes these events a lot of fun












The Johnny Cake Mama and Papa serving everyone with a smile!

There were some fun things for everyone to participate in Limbo poles being one of them






And no event would be complete without the drummer band and a mokojumbie!






Some fun purchases were made that night!

Koop Avond needs some support.  Park at Bobby’s Marina and wander along the Boardwalk.












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    1. Koop Avond (Dutch) means “Buying night.”
      Thank you – I have added a small explanation in the post.