Links to Favourites

I have some favourite sites I go to so, of course, I need to add some links. Most sites are Foodie Blogger sites, naturally, but there are some other sites that I enjoy too.

The Scuba Shop
Not just a Dive Center – there is a choice of wonderful gear for all ages, including clothing and snorkel/dive equipment and toys for the tots to the big boys. The staff are amazing and very knowledgeable and the website is filled with interesting info.(here)

Seagrape Tours
When traveling do you love looking at the world through the eyes of a local? Sightseeing and trying new activities like we do? You gain so much more knowledge about a place if you go with a guide; however we don’t like to go with the masses instead we prefer to go with as a small, private group; kind of not being part of the “herd-mentality” suits us. Our favourite tour group to go with on St. Maarten/St. Martin  is Seagrape Tours. They offer a variety of small group tours – never more than 10 or 12 people – it is all such fun. They have Birding, Snorkeling and History tours running at the moment; soon they will add Tannie’s Tasting Tour – this tour sounds quite delicious. Check out their site (here)

Shop ‘n Drop
Before you come to the island place your food and beverage order with Jeannie; a most wonderful, helpful person who bends over backwards to make your arrival easy by shopping for your pantry and filling it with the goods you choose from her extensive shopping lists. She shops then drops it off at your villa, you arrive and can start your chillaxing right away.(here)

Whether you call St. Maarten & Sint Martin home for a lifetime, a week, or even a day, Green SXM hopes to inspire you to make the best choices for the environment both in SXM and the world at large. (here)

The Island Spark
This site offers a number of services on St. Maarten you may like to use. (here)



Links to Favourite Off-Island sites

Banana Lama Eco Villa and Cottages Dominica
This gorgeous Eco Lodge is owned by wonderful people, Melissa and Andy; Staying in their wee bit of paradise means you will unwind in a beautiful spot, enjoy home-cooked meals made with home-grown ingredients for the most part. The island is lush and full advantage has been taken of the arable land that surrounds the lodge. Check out the web site (here) or find them under Banana Lama Eco Villa on facebook here.