Peachy Apricot Chutney

Mrs. Ballese Blatjang

“A curry is only as good as the condiments,” my uncle said to the table at large. We were all having a curry supper at home – this not so surprising statement was made perhaps in reference to my aunt’s contribution. The table was laden with different dishes that included egg curry, curried fish, curry rice salad, mutton curry and yellow rice. The many condiments on the table included a bottle of Mrs. Balls chutney (you can buy a variety at Carrefour), some sambals and my aunt’s homemade apricot chutney. Most of the family loved the curry flavour but not the heat; Oh, okay some heat, but not to the point of bringing out a sweat. Our curry evenings mostly consisted of flavoursome “mild” curry dishes and to bring up the heat according to our individual tastes there would be various hot chutneys and sambals.

Two at the table professed they could only eat the hottest of hot curries so the condiments were laid out for them. They surely did not actually taste anything after that first bite of liquid heat, but they professed they did.

I was fascinated because my uncle and father were having their usual race to see:





Who could eat the hottest curry without burning the roof of their mouth off?
Who would sweat the most?
I was intrigued to see the line of sweat on their upper lips and the beads of liquid begin to pour off their brow.


Not all chutneys are that hot, it depends on you and your level of acceptance of heat which one you prefer to eat.









This Cape Malay fruit chutney is delicious served with cheese at happy hour and with curry anytime.


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