Sale & Pepe

Sicilian Restaurant, SXM!

Sale & Pepe is open again after Chef Davide and family’s short vacation to his home island. We could not wait to go back to his restaurant in Simpson Bay to have a meal.

Chef Davide has family in Sicily who are also involved in the restaurant business. They live, eat and breathe fresh food from the sea and the land. A visit back home to the island gives Chef Davide a chance to refresh his culinary skills and return with renewed energy in the plates he turns out for his patrons.

The family explored the shoreline, the vineyards and the markets testing and trying out many wonderful things.

The vines grow on terraces on the mountainside, within sight of the Mediterranean Sea.






The fresh seafood markets have wonderful variety of shell fish and fish.









On this trip Chef shopped for and returned with some new products which have already met with approval from many discerning palates. New olive oils, wines, cheeses, pates – all specialties from Sicily – will surely be in the SXM restaurant one day.

Sale & Pepe SXM

One new taste that we were so fortunate to be able to taste was the Finocchietto, an end of the meal luxury drink a little along the lines of “limoncello” but instead of lemon the predominant taste is fennel. It is probably one of the best after dinner shots imaginable.

The first meal we had at Sale & Pepe was of course octopus.

The fresh fish served carpaccio style was out of this world. We spied this dish as we walked in (do you look at what other people are enjoying when you go to a restaurant?)

My dining companion said that never had a dish of the freshest fish been enjoyed so much on island before.

We were served artisinal bread, hot and spicy sauce and herb vinegrette at the start of our meal. We were also treated to some ricotta cheese and pate brought back from Sicily!









Reservations for Sale & Pepe can be made on facebook (here)