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Porto Cupecoy’s charming pedestrian square is so welcoming at night. The lights and fountain create a peaceful haven above the marina and belie the fact that a hurricane tore through this island just 6 months ago; the square is a peaceful haven above the marina. Nestled under huge awnings around the perimeter of the square are a selction of restaurants among which the Altro Italian Bistro bekons.

The owners of Altro, Christian and Brigitte Moreau, (formally owners of the well-known Sol é Luna on the Frenchside,) have together with their daughter Charlotte, opened this new Italian inspired Bistro. The setting is romantic and the standard of service is as expected, fantastic.

The dinner menu of the moment, is shown on a large blackboard, featuring a 3-course dinner for the fixed price of just $26.00. This is an exceptional price for an outstanding meal. Pastas are made fresh, they have several organic wines available at affordable prices and service is on the ball.

We had heard that the food was of gourmet standard but that portions were small. We found that to be true however the quality is top class and by the end of the meal we were completely satisfied; with the meal and with the price this rates at the top of the list.

For the first course I had the octopus with warm steamed potato. This is a typical Mediterranean dish that I love and always order when traveling in Italy. Drizzled with basil marinated in olive oil; I found the Altro version  above par in comparison.

My dining companion enjoyed a roasted eggplant and chickpea salad with a dollop of delicious cumin scented hummus starter.Topped with a handful of beautiful fresh arugula; the Italian flavors mingled perfectly with the reminiscence of a middle eastern dish. With the ooohs, and aaaaahhs accompanying the dish I knew it was a hit.

The main course dishes were out of this world. I had a meltingly tender duck on a bed of veggies. Each veg had its distinct flavour, something that often goes missing on the plate. Slow roasted, the duck skin still beautifully crispy by the time it was served.

My companion enjoyed a mushroom risotto with a creamy morel sauce and shavings of parmesan. We believe that this is possibly one of the very best risottos we have ever had and the sauce that was so more-ish we actually scrapped the bottom of the dish with baguette. (We could have even picked up the bowl for a lick!)

Our dessert did not disappoint either. The panna cotta with mango sauce was a perfect mix of sweet and tart; the berries with meringue were sweet and juicy.  We enjoyed an excellent Rose Chic and a Malbec with our meal.

This Dutchside Italian restaurant rates **** / $$





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