Le Tropicana

Le Tropicana, Marigot SXM

There are some beautiful people in this world! There are some wonderful restaurants in this world! Going to a wonderful restaurant with beautiful people – well, is that not what makes the world go around?

Wonderful restaurants need not be fancy or expensive to be good. Of course, if the restaurant is located in a fine setting, the staff are pleasant, service is quick, the table setting is of linen, the food presentation is superb and the others at your table are like-minded then you are in the best situation, evah!

There is a restaurant on the Frenchside of the island that meets every criteria in the book! Recently I was lucky enough to be seated at a table at this restaurant overlooking the marina with two delightful companions. We were welcomed by Christophe as he always welcomes all patrons, warmly. We had a bottle of delicious French rose filling our glasses sooner than we could blink and we got down to the very serious business of choosing what we would have for lunch.







The menu board was brought to us. The description of the special written at the bottom of the board sounded delicious and intrigueing; none of us could resist. We ordered the same main but first we shared an appetizer. Tropicana’s plates are so good, each and everyone of them.

It is very hard to choose something new to try, especially for those who go to the same restaurant fairly often. They go knowing they will order the same old, same old.  This time I did not order my favourite but I still went  for seafood. Tropicana has never let me down.

We shared a starter – Parfait de Crabe. The Crab nestled on a mousse of sweet potato; this dish was impressive. I felt a little regretful I did not order it as a main as well.

Of course, when the mains did come. I was happy not to have had too much of the parfait. The main dish, the special of the day, was a heavenly plate full of seafood. Lemon sole jostled for pole position with succulent prawns, salmon, and red snapper. Set on a bed of sweet potato mousse with a sauce that was akin to a lobster bisque. It was a hot dish and quite filling.

We could not indulge in individual desserts; once again we shared a plate. The desserts at Tropicana are well known for their spectacular plating. Our choice to share was the platter that comes with a number of wee sweet bites. Perfect if one does not need to indulge in a large decadent sweet ending.

Marina Royale

Marina Royale is being cleared of all loose debris. There are a number restaurants up and running again. Close parking is not abundant (along the marina entrance,) there are many places to park along the seafront.

Le Tropicana in the heart of Marigot’s Marina Royale never fails to serve up inspired French Caribbean fare right on the water’s edge.

Tropicana, Marina Port la Royale 590 87 79 07. It is advisable to book.

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  1. Could not agree more! We go there every time! Food is amazing and Christophe is the ultimate host, geeeting us as old friends even though we visit only once or twice a year.