Stop Sucking – Help St. Maarten / St. Martin with GreenSXM

Eco friendly solutions for St. Maarten/St. Martin with GreenSXM.
It may sound rude but – Stop Sucking with GreenSXM.
We all need to start somewhere and GreenSXM offers alternative concepts that we can do to minimize waste and help our environment.

Changing the way we think and what we do

There is a big trend world wide to Go Green, making our planet a healthier place to be is on the minds of many. On St. Maarten / St. Martin we must do something to help our enviroment. Every effort, no matter how small it is, will make a difference to the dump and therefor to each and every one of us who love this island.

regarding waste/plastic etc is paramount to helping our planet, all of us and our off-spring, have a cleaner and brighter future.  St. Maarten/St. Martin is such a small piece of land and is in dire need of a huge tender, loving effort by each and everyone who lives and visits here. Don’t be a Sucker, Stop Sucking with GreenSXM

GreenSXM is all about us; can we help our gorgeous little corner on this planet. Can we start doing away with plastic? Let us start by Saying No to the Plastic Straw.

Stop Sucking, Say no to the Straw – Help St. Maarten / St. Martin with GreenSXM

Stop Sucking with GreenSXM

Say no to straws.

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