Philipsburg Bright Things

Beauty for the people to enjoy.

Some folk in Philipsburg are working on trying to clean up and change from drab, hurricane damage to bright, cheerful areas.

Alleyway capped with bright umbrellas. Following the example one sees in Europe, Philipsburg is tuning dreary alleys into happy places. It is a wonderous thing to see some bright colour above you as you wander down this alley way.

Another alley lined with cheerful and healthy green plants. If you wander towards the sea from Front Street you will find there is a lovely shady nook with tables and chairs where one can sit and relax.

A kid’s playground area has recently been placed on the sand in front of the Gelateria. (The Greenhouse end of the Boardwalk) Some super cool flavours of ice cream are served in eco friendly disposable cups with disposable wooden spoons.

If, for no other reason, support this ice cream place. They are most definitely thinking of helping the environment which helps us all in the end. The ice cream is truely delicious especially on a hot day!

Thank heavens they are there – a big thank you shout-out to the far thinking folk.