Palapa Grill & Lounge

Palapa Grill & Lounge – Simpson Bay – Tel #: 1721 5591901

This restaurant and the folk who run it make this one of our top favourite restaurants on St. Maarten. From the “ashes” of devastation after Irma to having a “soup” kitchen for those in need during the horrible days we lived through afterwards; to rebuilding in the most delightful way by erecting a tent under the denuded tiled roof; to re decorating and starting afresh with divine – well, everything – service, food, décor.

And then as things were looking up for everyone – along came Covid-19 WHAMO!

Back to square one. I need say no more because many of us are still feeling the whamo effects.

However, the wonderful Palapa team did not sit in a heap and cry – no, sir! They hit out at it and went into what many of us did, they gardened. This is somewhat therapeutic and so this helped them head back to Palapa and start doing a wee change up.

The eclectic decor is still there, the fun and quirky corners are still there. The bar offering amazing exotic drinks is still there and so is a very nice DJ booth. Yes, Mam’ Palapa is a wonderful spot to be at. Food, service, drinks and so much fun. And right before the kitchen is a great kitchen garden where the chef can snip at herbs as needed!

I went to Palapa the other evening – I did not intend to go for supper and I only had my phone on me. The pictures are not so good unfortunately but you can go to their facebook page and see some amazing photos.

I have to laugh – the evening I joined my family (who were there eating supper) for a quick chat on the premise that I would not be eating as I had to get home to make supper saw me taking the line of least resistance. Well how can I not when such delicious dishes are presented?

I could not resist having a favourite from the menu and as always this menu item was good at Palapa Grill & Lounge

Truffle infused Brie with honey.

The children had asked for hotdogs and chips – the hotdogs came looking like octopi /octopus. Quite fun.

The others shared a starter of lovely salmon

Followed by the most divine lamb chops – yes, I tasted them.

Also an excellent, truly excellent, tenderloin of beef.

I did not wait for dessert but you can rest assured, we will be back soon because, because, because all mentioned above makes for a wonderful evening out!

Palapa Grill & Lounge – Simpson BayTel #: 1721 5591901