This is Roxxy Beach

A new, exciting and very swish restaurant has opened in Simpson Bay. Built after Irma, on a rather barren piece of land, on Kimsha Beach.

Roxxy Beach is set to become THE place to be, any time of the day.

Watching closely, as has everyone, the intriguingly modern design has caught our fancy for these past many months. What is behind that entrance, we all wondered.

Now we know that a gorgeous restaurant and beach is just calling to us to lay back and enjoy all the delights we usually get when heading over to the French side.

Roxxy Beach

Should you want to enjoy a day or night time adventure at Roxxy Beach you can arrive by car and park in the large parking area or you can arrive by dinghy – there will also be VHF service in the not-too-distant future. There is a lovely wooden dockwalk along the rocks and a platform where you can tie up the dinghies.

Above the bar area is a wonderous V.I.P balcony. This will be a perfect spot for those special/any excuse occasions.

A wonderful large bar area sits strategically between the two restaurant seating areas. The barmen are real showmen as they produce an exquisite array of cocktails.

I will certainly be happy with the Rose service offered at Roxxy Beach.

There is a great walk-in cool room/cellar too.

The misting machines are fascinating and will certainly do the job on the hot, windless days and nights; every detail for our comfort has been carefully thought out.

Of course there are fun things at Roxxy beach. The well-known manager (who has put on some of the most fun parties on island) has, no doubt, great things in store for us all.

Folk enjoying Roxxy Beach during a fabulous sunset.

There are beach loungers, beach beds and benches laid out for our comfort. The service promises to be top-notch

Menu choices

The food will be delicious. The pizzas absolutely rule with unusual toppings on crispy, thin bases.

If this show of canapes and sushi is anything to go by, we are certain no-one will be disappointed.

Blessed are we to be living on such a stunning island. Sunsets are spectacular. Roxxy Beach will be one of the top choices from which to watch the changing sky as the sun dips below the horizon.