Simple Egg Pancake

Who knew that such simple ingredients would make such a tasty snack and in double quick time!
Wanting to find something quick and easy for a Chinese themed evening I searched through my notes and recipes from waaay-back when……

As a fairly new Mum with a 21/2-year-old toddler I went searching for an appliance a friend had told me about, this was called a Robot Coupe, a food processor imported from France. There was no such thing where we lived, or at least that I had ever heard about. I drove round the peninsular looking for this place in Sea Point. Eventually finding the place and purchasing it I was about to head out the door when someone stopped me asked if I was interested in cooking unusual cuisine. Of course, I was and I still am.

Anyway, to cut a long story short I ended up taking a series of Chinese cooking classes. I loved them and became quite proficient at feeding friends and family with dishes we would only try when eating at the couple of excellent chines restaurants. Our favourite one in those days was in Mouille Point.

As the years have gone by I have not continued feeding my brood many Chinese themed meals, there have been so many other cuisines to try out and living where we do now, on this rock in the Caribbean, there are so many other exotic and unusual ingredients to cook with.

Being Chinese New Year I feel it is about time I put together a Dim Sum evening. There are packets of delightful Chinese dim sum to steam and fry in the super markets, but I also want to add some “from-scratch” dishes. Chatting to a friend about it she asked if I know any recipes that use potato flour.

Yup, I do, and this is it (alright it is a very little bit of potato flour) and so very, very simple to make

Admittedly you don’t need a food processor at all for this recipe!!!

For one person:

1 egg
5 tsp plain flour
½ tsp potato flour
12 tsp water
1 ½ TBL chopped spring onion
1/4 tsp sea salt
Pinch white pepper

Beat egg well and add pinch white pepper
Mix flours and salt in a bowl
Add water and whisk well
Spoon 1/4 of the beaten egg into the flour mixture
Whisk well until the batter is smooth
Add spring onion into the remaining 3/4 egg.
Heat a frying pan lightly oil
Pour half of the batter into center of the pan and roll around to make pancake coat the base evenly
As the top of the batter sets pour over half the egg and spring onion mixture, spread it out evenly
Allow to set – then roll pancake
Fry the roll for a few seconds, or more, to brown to your liking (I like it more crispy than not)
Repeat with the remaining batter and egg mixture.
Cut into sections and serve with sweet chilli sauce or soy sauce
Eat with chop sticks, it really does make more fun.