Lil’ Chef Wannabe’s

2nd Session during Carnival break

During today’s session the young chefs made:
potato soup; pork belly tray bake with onions and tomatoes; chocolate pudding.

Knife skills were used here while cutting the onions. The knife point is sharp and one wee chef did manage to draw a little blood on the finger holding the onion!

The pre-boiled potatoes proved an onerous job to peel, but these wee chefs did it very well.

The traybake was very delicious. The pork belly was dipped into a wonderful marinade and then baked. The slightly charred looking slices were not burnt ( even though they may look browned to a lovely black ) they were very crispy.

The potato soup needed whizzing.

The chocolate pudding was quite sweet. Next time we will use cocoa powder instead of semi-sweet choc chips.