Palapa Grill

Revamped and Renewed!

What a lot of effort, hard-work, sweat and tears went into the rebuild of this iconic landmark in Simpson Bay. This is a story of strength, unity and resilience. It is a story of a family who do a lot of the backbreaking work themselves, a family who are determined to bring back a better than ever landmark to Simpson Bay.

With the restaurant completely washed out and destroyed by Hurricane Irma the thought of starting all over again was almost too much for the owners but then, as happens, they decided that they could not let things get the better of them. With the resilience that SXMer’s are known for they set about revamping what was left of Palapa and have come up with an incredible setting that, if anything, is better than ever!

Shown around by Deon, the life supporting and loving partner in crime to the gorgeous owner, Barbara, whose imagination and deeply inspiring ideas are put into actuality by Deon and team, I saw how far things had come along.

There are a couple of things of note to be mentioned. The new beds with their homegrown herbs are already showing lush growth.

The holes in the wooden roof will be lit up romantically but you and all those dining under this Irma blasted roof will be well-protected by a fantastic tent designed by Barbara and made in Africa. Small faults in the making of this tent did not phase anyone, quickly facing these small problems the entire tent was adjusted and raised up. A wooden floor was put in place.

A new bar was designed near the entrance looking out at the pool which was clean and functioning the way a pool should.

The kitchen has almost new – everything- as the kitchen was underwater during the storm. Now the appliances are shiny bright and just waiting for the chefs to get busy producing the great food Palapa Grill is known for.

The palm trees that came down in the storm have been repurposed. They have been turned into seats, table legs and are in keeping with the theme.

Barbara and Deon have amazing help from daughter Lauren and partner Nicolas. This loving family building back up together tugs at the heart strings.

Unfortunately I have not yet had a chance of being there to see the almost finished stage, nor have I been able to taste-test the menu – but I will and so will you. It is a very exciting venture that many folk have been watching and waiting for.

Keep checking to find out when they are opening – it will be very soon!

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