2019 Kakao – New Year’s Day

The 1st day of the New Year saw us going to the newly opened Kakao (pronounced Ka-ka-ooo as in ‘oooo done it!)

Our choice could not have been better, and it was interesting to see that many of the most discerning foodies on island had the same idea as us. The best thing about chosing Kakao for our 1st of the year celebratory meal, as far as we were concerned, was the menu was the regular one not an expensive special menu. We went with some quite young sprogs and found their favourite food was on the menu. For us adults the choice was delightful and the wine perfect.

Kakao is now located where Waikiki used to be. What a setting! The top end of Orient Beach is fabulous – turn left just after passing the Esmarelda Resort. This road takes you right to the parking outside Kakao.

The clean lines of the retaurant have a “Cape Cod” feel. A number of individual dining units are set out on the beach with GP’s bar up at the far end. All units (as far as we could make out) have pull down shades against wind and sun.

Even though the waitstaff had had a very late night- or was it a rather early morning – they were all up and at it with good service the entire time we were there.

We were very happy to see GP at his bar. What a fabulous thing to be back in familiar surroundings, enjoying the funny and OH! so super, barman superior.

The beach was a delight, more sand than usual, new umbrellas up for shade, lovely weather……what more could one wish for on New Year’s Day (or anyday for that matter)

A bit windy and a tad too much sun in that pod? No problem, the side shades come down very easily.

Dancing started early – excellent DJ. The music was quiet enough during meal time and started revving up towards evening – they have the key to making a good time.

DJ’s job of dreams, on the beach in the Caribbean!

Some of the most descerning island foodies chose to go to Kakao for NYDay lunch.

Orient Beach is known for the different sports one can do. It was fun to watch these folk come back to land right next to Kakao.

The shower is great, rinse off with fresh water after a swim and head on back to the table – the wine is calling!

Menu/dishes and happy, full bellies!

Chilled gazpacho makes a great start to any meal.

Excellent hamburger for the wee ones.

The salmon and many other dishes have a Peruvian flavour – very nice for a change

There is an interesting Glossary ar the begining of the menu. Be sure to read it if you are uncertain what various ingredients are in the dishes.

The dish was superb. Tuna just seared with a passionfruit sauce.

The Peruvian sauce on the fresh mahi was outstanding; this was a really fresh, tasty and light fish dish.

Once again the yellow amarillo sauce appeared on this hot fish dish. The contrast was amazing although we thought that it could have done with a little moreof a chilli kick.

A fruit dessert with a pasion fruit sauce. Crisp, clean flavours beautifully rpesented.

One can never go wrong with a tirimisu dessert, can one?

Enjoying the shade pods on the beach

I see you – Happy New Year – Kakao is the place to be.

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